A garden is a delight to the eye
and a solace to the soul.


The design team at Paul’s Nursery implements the clients’ need and goals with an imaginative design solution. Trends come and go, but at Paul’s Nursery we create a classic look that will be both functional and aesthetically pleasing for a lifetime. 

When we design and implement a project it goes far beyond using quality plant materials. A major aspect of design that is often overlooked is coordinating the landscape and gardens to the architecture of the home.

Our concentration is on creating beautiful, functional spaces, with captivating vistas and focal points, while keeping a cohesive flow to the entire landscape. We also take great care in selecting the appropriate landscape and plant materials for each individual project. 

Our special care is evident from beginning to end. We are a full service landscaping company, we control many variables that come into play. 

We take pride in our installations down to the last detail, which includes the selection of the appropriate urn, fountains or statue and whatever is necessary to enhance your landscape. 

Please contact us so that we can begin to transform your home into a “special haven” that you will never want to leave!


200 Glen Cove Road, Old Brookville, New York, 11545

516 • 676 • 0630

Email: [email protected]